8 Point Face Lift


About 8 Point Face Lift

The 8 Point Facelift (known also as Liquid Facelift) is a technique designed to lift and rejuvenate eight strategic areas of the face.

The 8 Point Facelift redefines, rejuvenates and subtly enhances your facial features. The 8 Point Facelift also known as the Liquid Face Lift is a non-invasive, non surgical face-lift that offers a subtle more youthful appearance with almost no recovery time.

There is no one size fits all approach with this treatment. At Bio Aesthetica we pride ourselves on working with our clients individual needs to produce the most natural results for a youthful healthy refreshed you.

How 8 Point Face Lift Treatments Works

As we age, facial volume significantly decreases. The main signs of ageing occur because of muscle volume loss, re-positioning of facial fat and bone density remodelling. This innovative facial treatment produces a more youthful look by restoring volume, lift and symmetry to the face.

Using an advanced technique, precise areas of the face are targeted with for a total facial rejuvenation. The areas targeted are those where greatest volume is lost, each point having a complementary effect on the others and contributing to an overall enhanced refreshed appearance.