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About Bio Aesthetica

At Bio Aesthetica, we embrace the body's innate ability to rejuvenate itself. Our philosophy is simple yet profound: "less is more, and good health equals beauty." Specializing in 100% natural skincare and anti-aging, we are pioneers in combining herbal treatments, acupuncture, diet, and blood plasma therapy - the body's own natural gold for anti-aging. Our services are not just treatments; they are a celebration of the body's natural beauty and healing power.



Our Services

We offer a range of specialized services:

  • Natural Skincare and Anti-Aging Treatments: Utilizing herbs and blood plasma to revitalize the skin.

  • Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture: Harnessing acupuncture's healing power to promote skin health and beauty.

  • Dietary Guidance: Tailored advice to nourish and rejuvenate skin from within.

  • Educational Programs: Training the next generation of skilled facial cosmetic acupuncturists.

The Inspiration Behind Bio Aesthetica

Founded on a deep-seated belief in the body's natural rejuvenation abilities, Bio Aesthetica emerged as a response to the overcrowded market of excessive facial enhancements. Our founder, Shampa Bell, inspired by the philosophy that true beauty is achieved through good health, established Bio Aesthetica to offer a more natural, less invasive approach to beauty and wellness.

Meet the Founder: Shampa Bell

Shampa Bell's life has been a journey through the realms of natural health and beauty. Born into a world of yoga and martial arts, she has honed her expertise over 20 years in traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, and various aesthetic practices, including PRP, PRF, and PlasmaBiofiller. Her holistic approach to treating skin from the inside out makes her a trusted expert in the field. Shampa's passion for natural rejuvenation and a holistic view of beauty led her to create Bio Aesthetica - a sanctuary for those seeking authentic, natural beauty solutions.


Our Philosophy

Bio Aesthetica stands firmly on the foundation of 100% natural treatments. We believe in the harmony of body and nature, ensuring that every treatment and product we offer is in line with this philosophy.

Step into the world of Bio Aesthetica, where natural beauty is not just a concept but a reality. Whether you're looking for transformative skincare treatments or aspiring to be a practitioner in facial cosmetic acupuncture, we welcome you to experience the art of natural rejuvenation with us.

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