Women with profhilo treatment

About Profhilo Treatment 

Profhilo is a non-surgical procedure commonly used amongst men and women to rejuvenate ageing skin. It is highly regarded as a wonderful tool for correcting skin laxity and is frequently applied to the face, hands, neck or breasts. 

As we age, our bodies naturally produce less collagen and elastin, these are the cells that provide our skin with shape and strength. Therefore, when the number of these cells weaken our skin starts to lose the shape it was once before, illustrating the long term effects.

Before and after picture of women having profhilo treatment

How Profhilo Treatments Works

Profhilo treatment is simple but effective, it stimulates the reproduction and replenishment of new collagen in the skin by slowly releasing hyaluronic acid- this is a substance naturally produced by our bodies which is vital for skin hydration.

During Profhilo treatment, your desired body part will be injected with roughly 2ml of hyaluronic acid-based treatment in around five places. This is injected just below the skin layer where it quickly disperses and spreads throughout the skin, providing instant hydration. The treatment is typically administered over the course of two sessions, within a period of one month.