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Waze Voice Download: How to Get Cookie Monster as Your Co-Pilot

In honor the perpetually hungry muppet's birthday on Nov. 2, Waze announced it will be bringing back Cookie Monster's voice and mood to give its users driving instructions for a limited time. Waze is a free, community-driven GPS app that offers its users the shortest route and helps navigate around potential traffic as though they were a local, so already pretty awesome. But adding Cookie Monster's dulcet tones and charmingly poor grammar into the mix is like adding extra chocolate chips to your cookie. Exactly the thing you need to get you through your commute.

Driving fans who remember their own deep love of Sesame Street's resident cookie addict are excited to find out he's back, even if it might be for only a short while. As one social media user noted. "Thank you! I was so bummed when you removed him, as each day Cookie Monster's voice cheered me. Looking forward to enjoying him again."

cookie monster waze voice download

It's super easy to get yourself hooked up with Cookie Monster's voice and mood through the Waze app. Simply go into the voice and sound settings within the app and download Cookie Monster's voice. The head off into the sunset or wherever you might have planned to travel with Cookie Monster as your personal guide. Not only will this hopefully offer you a lovely little descent into your own childhood, but it will keep those creatures called children relatively calm and entertained throughout.

Are you a fan of Cookie Monster? If you said yes, then you would surely enjoy this news. Waze, a GPS navigation app that works on smartphones and tablets, is now adding the voice of this lovable monster in its long list of celebrity voices. So yes, you will now hear Cookie Monster's raspy voice telling you to turn left--perhaps to the corner bakery or delicatessen.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Unfortunately, Cookie Monster's voice is not available locally in the Philippines. According to a post on Waze's online forum, the voice is "only available in limited territories and for a limited time." So if you're in the United States, have fun and bring some cookies with you!)

Yep, I have to agree with the consensus. I only downloaded to app because I heard from a friend that is had various celebrity voices. Found no celebrity voices. Found this thread via google search. No celebrity voices means I will be deleting the app. I have three other mapping apps that work just fine. This was a fun discriminator. Not having it as a permanent feature is a poor business decision.

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It's 2019, three years later, and I've downloaded it believing it has Morgan Freeman. Nope, deleted it ten minutes later. He is the ONLY reason I downloaded the app. Tsk, tsk, Waze would get a much larger group of customers if they had just kept his voice.

In addition to being my nickname in high school, Cookie Monster is a beloved Sesame Street character with a unique voice and a penchant for cookies. While this voice is likely grating for the millions of parents who are subjected to it daily, the manager of the New York Mets loves hearing it tell him what direction to go. 2b4c41e320


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