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PRF Facial treament women with Platelet Rich Plasma

PRF Face Treatment 
Platelet Rich Fibrin

What is PRF Facial / Vampire Facial?

This is a non-surgical and minimally invasive anti- ageing treatment. The Pfp Facial/ Vampire Facial are fast gaining in popularity and there is no need for general anaesthetic when under going this procedure and leaves no scarring or trauma to your face. 


Instead of cutting, slicing or using unnatural substances to fill, remove or reduce wrinkles, the Vampire Facial harnesses the very powerful, natural healing ability of your body to reduce the signs of ageing. Giving you a fresher, firmer and more youthful appearance in a more natural way.

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How Does PRF Facial Work?

A small amount of blood is taken from the arm. This is then spun in a medical centrifuge for a few minutes to separate the blood cells, serum and platelets. The portion that is rich with platelets is then injected into the skin or absorbed after micro-needling the skin. PRF also contains your Stem cells and growth factors helping the skin to repair and produce more collagen, resulting in a healthier complexion with improved vitality. The plasma acts as a matrix that promotes collagen regeneration and skin tightening for long term improvement. It improves skin elasticity and texture and is safe and effective for the delicate under-eye area.

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PRF Face Treatment

What should I expect?

Total procedure time 45 mins – 1hour. Small amount of blood taken from arm, and spun in a medical centrifuge. Small injections of the plasma into the skin and microneedling will be done, targeting your main concerns. Redness will be present for a few hours.

vampire facial - image of Kim Kardashian with blood on her face in beauty clinic

Benefits of "The Vampire Facial"

The Vampire Facial involves using special PRP techniques to rejuvenate the skin and give long term benefits.

PRF stands for platelet-rich plasma and is found within our blood. The plasma contains growth factors which enables our bodies to heal and regenerate, hence why it is becoming popular within both skin rejuvenation and hair loss.


There are lots of benefits to a Vampire Facial however the most common are as follows:

  • Reduces acne scarring

  • Reduces pore size

  • Tightens and tones your skin

  • Reduces fine lines & wrinkles

  • Replaces/stimulates collagen & skin volume

  • Reduces the appearance of Rosacea and Hyperpigmentation

Things to discuss at your consultation

Your expectations - What you expect to achieve post-treatment. This can be anything from targeting specific wrinkles, a guaranteed lift in certain places or general rejuvenation. 

  • Where will the treatment be performed - It is important to understand where the treatment will be performed. More often than not, treatments of any kind should be administered in a clean, accredited and insured premises, particularly when the treatment involves an injection. If you are getting the treatment injected into your cleavage, for example, you might ask about the availability of private spaces to do so. 

  • General questions about the procedure - It might be worth asking things like: Will it hurt? Do you use numbing cream? How long will it take in total? Should I do anything to prepare? 

  • Patient satisfaction records - Never be afraid to ask about how previous patients have reviewed the service and request a reference or recommendation from these. Often this can be in the form of social media posts, patient progress photos and general reviews, all of which is available online. 

  • Alternatives - Also consider asking about alternative treatments and request a comparison of these, just so that you get a better understanding of the treatments available and their compatibility with you. 

  • Results - It is also worth asking what is in place if something were to go wrong. For example, what recourse would be available to you if something went wrong during the treatment. What guarantee can they provide you if you are unhappy with the results? 

  • Moving Forward - It might also be a good idea to ask about the plan moving forward. How many treatment sessions are required, how often and what happens once the treatments stop being effective? 

  • Costs - It is vital to ask about pricing and packages when you have a consultation. This is because you want a clear and transparent quote for the treatment you are having, prior to having it. This is good when comparing deals from other consultants but also good to ensure you aren’t later hit by an unagreed charge. 


How long do results last?

PRF treatment has long-lasting results due to natural stimulation.

Results take a while to show up, especially after the very first facial you get. But most of our clients notice a generalized tightening of the skin within a few days, a glow and fullness to the entire face, and just an overall healthier look.

PRF therapy can usually be expected to last up to 18 months. However, a one-off treatment can be expected to last for several months. This is why many people choose to have PRP facials a few times per year to maintain the results for anti-ageing purposes. Initially, it’s best to have about 4-6 treatments at two-week intervals to deal with scarring, skin damage, and problem areas.

platelet rich plasma images showing how PRP facials work - vampire facial

Potential Side Effects

Recovery from a PRF Facial is usually a quick process. People may experience some soreness and tenderness immediately after the treatment. The area may also have redness, and there may be some mild bruising, which usually clears within 4-5 days.

Other side effects can happen while the skin heals, including:

  • oozing

  • swelling

  • milia, which are white papules in the skin

  • a mild flare-up of acne

Taking paracetamol can reduce any discomfort and pain over this period of time.

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