PRP Hair Treatment 

Man with comb and receding hairline
Before and after images of women with PRP hair treatment

About PRF Hair Treatments

PRP Hair therapy Injections are a proven hair loss treatment that can regenerate and promote hair growth for men and women by using your own plasma and growth factors to target areas of hair loss.


Your hair follicles survive on the nutrition they get from the blood supply. PRP injections work by introducing platelets so by administering PRP in the area of damaged hair follicles healthy hair growth will be promoted.

How PRP Hair Treatments Works

The PRP treatment process is relatively quick, with minimal downtime, and the end result is visible and, most importantly, natural. 

A small amount of blood (20ml) is taken from your arm. Then the PRP is made by placing a sample of your blood in a centrifuge. This centrifuge concentrates the platelets inside the blood, which are the specific cells rich in growth factors. These growth factors are what will encourage hair rejuvenation.

The PRP is then activated in vitro and injected back into your scalp to stimulate the tissue and encourage natural, faster hair growth. This treatment is precise and we inject the PRP into the exact locations of the head you want to target (if your hair follicle loss is occurring in a specific area).

PRP stimulates collagen production and triggers the skin-rejuvenation process. Although this therapy is particularly popular for rejuvenation of the face, it’s also frequently used on the scalp, for the promotion of hair growth.