IV health drip image with vitamins in a bag

IV Health, Nutrition & Beauty Drips

About Bio Aesthetica's IV Treatments in Harley Street, London

Bio Aesthetica's Harley Street, London based Aesthetics Clinic offers the latest IV vitamin & nutrition drips to infuse your

body with pure vitamins, minerals and amino acid directly into your bloodstream for full absorption and benefits.

IV drips with vitamins & nutrients are much more effective and have faster results than taking oral supplements due to the fact that the supplements can not be fully absorbed and these vitamins get diminished in gastrointestinal tract.

Only 10% of what we take orally can be absorbed into our body from research studies. With the vitamin drip, the key nutrients are delivered into your body 100% and immediately. As a result, a faster improvement and more effective results.

Our patients love how great they feel after an IV therapy session!

They report feeling instantly refreshed, replenished and rejuvenated as they emerge from our IV Vitamin Therapy treatment.

Why Use IV Vitamin & Nutrition Drip

  • Beauty IV drips which benefit for skin brightening, hair & nail nourishment and antiageing.

  • Health and well-being which benefit for general well-being, immune boost when you feel run down or under the weather, detox, body &brain boost when stress from work or exam.

  • Energy boosting which benefit for tiredness jet lag, burnt out stress, memory and concentration.

  • Fat burner & athletic performance which benefit for fat burning and detoxification,energy boosting, improve athletic performance and boost immune system.


A course of treatment at Bio Aesthetica, Harley Street, London for each IV vitamin drip is advised for maximum result. Maintenance plan will help long term benefits. IV vitamins and nutritions drip is to be used as part of a healthy lifestyle and should not be substituted for exercise or a balanced diet. Used in conjunction with this, it can help with overall health and well being.